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I finally built the courage to ask Lizzie for a girly chat. After months of feeling like my life was stuck on pause I needed someone to talk to, someone to pull me out of this quicksand. The usual chat with my best friend or one of my sisters just wasn’t enough. I needed someone in the position I want to be in, someone who has built themselves from the ground up and would understand me despite not knowing me at all.

I have been watching Lizzie for a very long while and we’ve had small conversations here and there. At first I was shocked to even get a response from someone on her level but at the same time getting to know the type of person she was, just by watching her videos I knew that she was genuinely a nice person. I was hesitant when it came to asking to meet, not because she would say no but because of her busy schedule.

I finally sent the message and within no more than 10 minutes she responded with “We can definitely meet up”. Numbers were exchanged, a date and place was set! I can’t tell you how many times I rehearsed what I was going to say or how I was going to react when I met her LOL! all I knew was I had to keep my cool, be myself and get all the answers I needed.

We decided on going to Vapiano which apparently everyone goes to, tell me why I was stepping foot in there for the first time ? I clearly live under a rock Lol. The food wasn’t too bad…I mean, I didn’t like the fact that they don’t fully cook their pasta so I kept getting hard bits stuck to my back teeth. Don’t think I’d go back to be honest….anyways…

I STILL CANT BELIEVE HOW TINY LIZZIE IS she is honestly the cutest person I have ever come across. She came bare faced, no make up and her skin was absolutely glowing ! There’s still so much I wish we spoke about but I was more than grateful.

She was very honest and so open, Can you believe I brought a notepad to write down all the answers to the questions I had for her. That went down the drain because it honestly felt as if I were speaking to a friend. It all started with my past, you know the whole relationship drama and went on to speaking about where I’m trying to go in life. I can honestly say this blog would have started next year if it wasn’t for Lizzie. She was brutally honest, told me what was what making sure she gave me the ins and outs. You know when you ask someone a question and they only tell you what they think they should tell you…..it wasn’t like that at all, everything was genuine. From her very bubbly personality to her passion for young black girls like ourselves. I felt nothing nothing but encouragement and was more than satisfied with what I had taken with me.

With Lizzie, what you see is what you get there was nothing about our short but amazing link up that I would change. You are truly an inspirational individual.

Thank you Lizzie Loves


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