He Cheated On Me With My Best friend. (Part 3)

Drawing Hands releasing butterfly. Let go, brush the hand of man, Fly, Freedom.Days and Weeks go by and things are still awkward. I started to experience things I never thought would affect me in such a way. I would notice him playing around with other girls more, would stress when he wouldn’t reply to my text’s fast enough, got upset when he said he’s too busy to see me. All the attention, the affection had gone.

I became bitter, very Jealous. Hated the thought of another girl having his attention. Would over think that one day he’d end up with someone else even though I had planned to be with no one else but him.
I wanted things to go back to the way they were so bad that I started to act desperate. Did things I shouldn’t have done. Spent money I didn’t have, changed things about myself just for his attention and did it work? You all know the answer to that question Lol.
More time went by we still were pretty close but I started to clock onto some things. He got quite close with one of my best friends. At first I thought nothing of it but as time went on the constant over thinking and the “Gut Feeling” just wouldn’t budge. I know they messaged each other a lot on BBM and I would see them playing about in school, play fighting.
Play fighting back then meant the two liked each other and for some reason I was the only one that would notice this and it annoyed me.
This day I remember like it was yesterday. It was own clothes day. I wore a blue blazer with a white top and leggings with some blue vans and a bunch of jewelry I borrowed from my sister Lol. My best friend got this new phone, it was one of the new HTC’s. Everyone wanted to see it so we all took turns passing the phone around.
The phone got to me and I remember admiring it. Somehow I ended up on her photos. Casually scrolling through I see a picture of a guy with his back facing the camera, in a park. It didn’t take me a second to clock who it was but I kept scrolling. At this point my heart sunk. There were At least 3 or 4 pictures of him with his back turned looking like he was trying to hide. But I caught his ass. I showed my friends and they were in denial it got me so angry. “How do you know it’s him you can’t even see his face”. Ladies YOU KNOW YOUR MAN whether he’s fully clothed or not.
I gave back the phone and walked off. I remember seeing him shortly after and just having this rage inside me. He stood in front of me and I just pushed him with so much force. Later that day I asked my best friend about it, she said it was him. I then asked her that if I didn’t find out would she have continued to see him and she said “yeah” at that moment I don’t know how I kept composure but I walked away.
Everyone in our friendship group was shocked but still continued to befriend her so I ended up hanging out with other people. I got so tired of seeing the both of them that I stopped going to school. This was around exam times so it was important that we attended most lessons. I didn’t care. I would leave my house in the morning and go to my sisters, until one day my mum caught me there so I had to find a new hideout Lol. I ended up going to this park not too far from my house, a young girl and her mum kept starring at me. The girl came over to me and asked if I had a Mum and if I was lost. I wanted to laugh so hard but was touched by their concern. I replied yes and said that I was waiting for someone. I would get many phone calls from my mum, school and friends, asking why I’m not at school. I just didn’t want to go back. This was around the end of year 11 so I did eventually have to go and finish my exams but throughout those last few weeks my attendance was poor.
Stay Tuned For Part Four…..
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