He Went to prison (Part 10)



I receive a message from my cousin asking if iv’e seen someones Snapchat. I then call her to ask what she was talking about because I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. I knew it. I just knew it. Leo had been locked up….and I just had this feeling that it was for something stupid.

That same night I received a phone call from Leo’s phone. It was a female. She told me that Leo had been locked up and that i’d need to meet up with her to drop off his things. I knew this was a bunch of nonsense 1. simply because me and Leo left on real bad terms and we hadn’t spoken for at least 3 months. 2. Leo has never given me his things because he knew I didn’t want anything to do with whatever he got himself into even if it was just clothes.
The girl on the phone was clearly confused because there was someone in the background telling her what to say to me. I told her I had nothing to do with Leo anymore, neither did I have anything of his belongings. I hung up and started to search through social media to find many “Free Leo” posts. As bad as it sounds I just couldn’t help myself from laughing because I just knew it, I can’t lie to you it was a bitter sweet feeling it was one of those “I told you so moments”. I constantly told him that one day something like this would happen if he didn’t be careful.
So I called his brother and asked what happened. He told me that he got 6 months and didn’t know what had happened. The last time I spoke to Leo he told me that he no longer cared for me, He couldn’t wait to marry someone else, have kids and rub it in my face. After that I swore i’d never speak to him again. Even though I still felt such rage and upset towards him I couldn’t help but want to know what had happened.
I called Leo’s phone and asked the girl for his details, she was acting a little weird, as if she didn’t want me to know where he was. She made me wait hours until I finally got information from his brother. I decided to call the prison and book a visit to see him……..boy did I just make the biggest mistake…
Stay Tuned For Part 11………
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