I Met My Future Husband (Part 6)


From what I remember it was my best friends birthday, she had a house party, plenty of vibes and plenty of drinks (of course Lol).
Bare in mind I’ve met Leo (not his real name) before and had a crush on him since. Always had a small crush on him. He ended up coming to the party and I instantly went shy, I started acting well behaved, you know the like the responsible friend that has to stay sober in case her friends got a little crazy.

He came with a group of boys, one of which was a close family friend. Of course the drinking got a little intense. Leo out of the whole group got the most drunk and ended up vomiting everywhere, he could barely stand. His friends wanted didn’t want to take him home because no one wanted him vomiting in their car. So me being the responsible one cleans up his vomit, takes him to the toilet, gets him water and just sits with him in the bathroom.
You know those awkward silences….no one was talking and I’m just rubbing some strangers back over a toilet seat. (I was such a sweetheart wasn’t I Lol) Anyways he told me he’d be fine and his friends ended up taking him home.
The next day I remember texting Leos brother to see if they got home safe and asked how He was. His brother ended up giving him my number and he thanked me for helping him the night before. I jumped out of my skin I couldn’t believe Leo was texting me.
A few conversations later we met, in the middle of Croydon all his boys were standing around so I didn’t want to approach him. He ended up spending all day with me and I’m not exaggerating when I say all day Lol. We walked for miles that day only god knows what we spoke about but it was just a breath of fresh air it wasn’t awkward at all. We ended up sitting on a bench in the park talking, he’d pick stuff out of my hair and constantly stroked my face.
We had to stop every so often just to say hi to his friends. He was well known around the area (we call it being bait). He would smile every time someone asked if I was his girl, some even asked if I was his sister!
It got quite late so we sat at the bus stop waiting for his bus to go home. We missed about 4 buses that night because we sat there cuddling for so long Lol. A few minutes before his bus came I remember him trying to ask me something but was so hesitant. All of a sudden he came out with “Do you wanna be my girl?” (So cringe I know but at the time is was sweet Lol) In those exact words ! (I swear I’m laughing so hard writing this it’s soooooooo cheesy) of course I said yes, we kissed for the first time after that and he got on his bus.
I’ve never called my best friend so fast in my life ! I told her everything and went to bed that night with the fattest smile on my face.
Time went on and things were great, I was finally over Prince Charming and I was no longer stressing about the thought of being alone. We met each others families and we all got along so well. He loved my nephews, they would call him their big brother Lol We took them out a lot and treated them as if they were our own. I loved how he would play with them and buy them anything they asked for. I always thought he’d make a great dad one day.
Me and my sister played a prank on him one time and told him I was pregnant. He was overly excited and started telling my nephews they had a cousin on the way Lol. We spoke about having kids a lot so I wasn’t surprised about his reaction.
So anyways he treated me like a princess and was so proud to call me his girl. We held hands every where we went, he would post me on his Snapchat and wasn’t afraid to let anyone know I was his. Leo was very protective, sometimes over protective but it was warming to know someone was happy to have me.
We were still quite young when we first met (16 turning 17) so we didn’t really go out to eat much and shopping trips weren’t really our thing. We just enjoyed each others company. At times it would get too much because he wanted to see me a little too often Lol.
I think we had an argument one time nearing his birthday and I told him that I wasn’t going to come to his party he told me not to speak to him so I left it a few days. His birthday came and I decided to surprise him as I came through the door he saw me and started shouting “my girl’s here!” Everyone started clapping and of course some girls faces weren’t looking too impressed but who cares !
Like I mentioned previously, Leo was well known and as bad as it sounds he was a typical “bad boy”. I kind of knew this at first but I obviously didn’t know the extent of the type of things he got into. He made it clear that he didn’t want me getting involved in certain things so most of the time I minded my business, I trusted him.
I remember us going to my house one day and I could feel someone following us, I look back and there’s these two boys. One was very short, the other very tall and quite built. No more than 10 seconds later the two boys were right behind us with bandannas over their faces. The smaller one approached Leo asking him questions about where hes from and the type of people he hung around with.
The boy grabs Leo and tells him he’s not allowed to go until he gives him his watch and bag. Me being so scared but angry at the same time slapped the boys hand off Leo and tells him that hes not taking anything from him (Don’t ask me where I got this confidence from….) The boy came to me and threatened to punch me in my face if I didn’t shut up. After going back and forth Leo and this boy started fighting.
I had no concern about Leo fighting the small one…….but the big guy…No Way. I don’t know what possessed me to become so brave and hold back such a big guy but I honestly thought if I don’t hold him back then hes going to kill Leo Lol. A police truck suddenly appeared so I grabbed Leo and ran home. Luckily the two boys didn’t get to see where we went but we could hear them outside my house. I’d never been so scared in my life.
After that incident I wasn’t really comfortable with going out with Leo because we was then approached a second time. Almost everywhere we went people would approach him simply because of the way he was dressed. Leo started to wear LV belts, expensive shoes and glistening chains for the whole world to see and I hated it. He’d never listen when I asked him to tuck his chains in and hide his belt.
He started dressing different, buying more expensive things and I was almost oblivious as to where he got the money to afford this stuff…
Stay Tuned For Part 7…….
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(P.s This was a time in my life and a person that I’ll never forget so I need to tell his story exactly as I remember it. All mushy and overly cringe parts included Lol. Sorry not sorry)