I was forced to move on (Part 9)


From what I remember me and Leo didn’t speak for two days after that “Incident” I couldn’t eat and I could barely sleep. I wanted to tell Leo so bad but I didn’t know how. P.s I’m not good at holding things in, especially when its something that I’ve done wrong. So I called my sister and my best friend to get their opinion Of course they both said not to tell him but I had to say something one way or another.

That same night Leo popped up and again all we did was argue. He said something that triggered me and out it came, just like that ” I cheated on you”. I don’t remember much from that convo but at first he didn’t believe me. I texted some of his friends to share the “news” and of course they were all disappointed as a few of them thought highly of our relationship.
I felt like rubbish and I knew exactly what I had just put him through simply because of Prince Charming. I was upset that I put him in the same position I was in. I was broken after being cheated on and as you all know by now it affected me in the worst way. So I begged to see him one night and I cried my eyes out, explaining why and begged for forgiveness.

He didn’t act how I thought me would, he was actually very sincere, listened what I had to say, he told me that he would forgive me but no longer trusted me. I took that and ran with it because I didn’t want to loose him. The next couple of months were awkward as hell. I tried so hard to prove to him that I was sorry. I deleted every boy on in my contacts and gave him access to my phone. Everything he said he was cautious of I no longer did. I was much more supportive and let him do what he needed to do, even though he still didn’t give me much time I didn’t complain because I felt I deserved such treatment after what I had done.

After a few months he started to get selfish and spoke to me as if I was something on the bottom of his shoe. He used the fact that I cheated every time to justify his actions towards me and at the time I just took it. Things between us just weren’t getting better and his friends would tell me to let him be.
I felt like he hated me, nothing I did for him was enough because “I cheated”. I knew what I did was wrong but he made sure I never forgot it. Things went from bad to worse but I stayed because I wanted to prove to him how sorry I was. I didn’t want to leave him thinking I cheated and I didn’t care for him. I knew things would never be the same but I kept looking back at how we were and held on to so much false hope.
We’d break up for months and then start talking again, this time round he no longer used me cheating as an excuse for our arguments. Of course I still felt guilty but it was like things were going back to how they were. He booked a hotel for us to stay in which was lovely, huge bed, breakfast in the morning and some alone time with the person I felt I owed so much to.
Of course that didn’t last long, at this point I felt that I had done all I could to prove to him that I was sorry. It clearly wasn’t enough so I finally let him go.
My life took a turn for the better. I started a new job, bought myself a car and started my YouTube channel. Even me and Prince Charming were on good terms, he showed up in my area one night and we had a genuine conversation about our current situations. He told me that he saw potential in me and to not let guys and past situationships define me. I appreciated what he was saying as he never really apologised for what he did so I kind of took that as his apology lol
I don’t know how but me and Prince Charming started to get close again but more in a friendly way. I’d go to his place to catch up on Power, watch movies, and we’d genuinely enjoy each others company. He drove so we took little trips out and one time we even went to the zoo which was actually amazing Lol. I won’t lie I was getting my hopes up a lot because it felt like old times, if not better. I could act myself around him, he was actually a real good friend. I could tell him anything, he gave me advice and was always there when I needed him. I spent so long trying to find closure over our situation by waiting days, months even years for an apology from him but I guess this was his way of saying sorry…
Stay Tuned For Part 10…….
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