I was Wrong…(Part 7)


As he started to make more money I spent less time with him. It went from seeing him at 12pm and spending all day with him to him coming to see me at 12am. Sometimes even later.

The fact that all the attention I once craved and loved so much was fading away “again” made me angry and stressed me out. I complained a lot and started to question why he was acting so different. He always wanted to be out, he didn’t like staying in with me anymore. Even when it came to us spending the night together I couldn’t even sleep. He’d constantly be on his phones and I say phones because he had more than one.
If his phone rang in the middle of us doing anything he wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up. He never missed a phone call and didn’t like it when I would ask for him to silence them. As bad as it sounds I started listening in on his phone calls and it became obvious what he was doing especially since he quit both of his jobs.
Card fraud. It explained the huge amounts of money, multiple phones, the constant phone calls. Honestly cheating never really crossed my mind, especially since “Prince Charming” I knew the type of signs I needed to look out for plus I trusted Leo a lot.
I mean looking back at it now I believe that finding out he was doing fraud should have been the point where I ended things. I say this because I started to get real paranoid and things went from bad to worse. I Didn’t like him leaving me late at night I was scared he would get robbed. A lot of people knew who he was and he wasn’t afraid to show anyone who he was hence why he’d flash cash here and there, be walking around with flashy chains, shoes, belts you name it.
Back then a lot of people were doing fraud like it was a trend. Despite all the money he had It never really phased me. Some girls love a guy with a lot of money but me personally I couldn’t stand it. I rarely asked him for anything. A mans money has never made me like them more or less simply because I’ve been able to make my own money since I left school.
I started noticing that I was the one celebrating birthdays and Christmases but not getting anything in return, like I said before I didn’t ask for much. I remember one year on my birthday all I got was a phone call to say happy birthday and that was it. Call me selfish but for someone that makes double the amount I make in a month in just one day it does make you think. I remember buying him an expensive jacket for Christmas and he threw it in the bin. My mum was there the day I bought it and she asked if he bought me anything. She told me that he’d be no good and from then, every time he came around she’d look at me funny but wouldn’t say anything.
(P.s your mum knows your lovers and friends more than you do)
Things just deteriorated, we would argue about the most petty things and he’d accuse me of talking to other guys. We broke up multiple times and would go months without talking to each other. He’d say hurtful things and ill be honest with you words get to me, especially when its personal and from the mouth of someone that tells you they love you.
He’d tell me that his friends tell him things about me but would never say what those things were. Would mock certain things I did and would tell me that i’m boring and i’m not fun to be around. He’d say i’m lonely and had no friends and would stay that way (to some extent this is true LOL) We would have serious conversations to the point where i’d be crying and he’d just laugh in my face. Whenever I was upset he had no remorse. The things he would say to me completely knocked my confidence. I could no longer act myself around him, I completely closed myself off I felt intimidated by him and was so scared to do certain things in case he didn’t like it.
My sister even asked me why I don’t act myself around him and I was too ashamed to tell her why. Our relationship became very toxic. He told me he no longer wanted to work and that he would put money aside for a business he wanted to start up. This never happened. I constantly bugged him about going back to work because I was afraid he’d get locked up one day but he never listened. More money was spent and people would steal from him in which he’d then talk about getting his money back and we all know what that would result in. I swear my anxiety was through the roof.
I always thought about how in the world we were going to be able to raise a child since he didn’t have a stable income. I wold threat about becoming a single mother with a baby father in prison. I was too scared to leave him because I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone again, having to meet someone new and go through the whole process again. I just didn’t know what to do. I honestly felt like the money was just going to his head he completely changed.
Stay Tuned For Part 8…..
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