My First Love (Part 2)

So in year 11 i met my Prince Charming.
This was the time when Blackberries were a thing and still to this day I remember that PING! “Hey”(from him). He was someone I saw around school, never really payed much attention to him but apparently he liked me so I went along with it at the time. He hung around with the smart kids and was very intelligent himself as he was in all the top classes. Honestly at first I wasn’t really that interested, I had a friend that was into him at the time so I felt bad. We messaged BBM’d each other for a while it was awkward seeing him in school especially when i started to like him.

We would text and Facebook Message a lot, I feel so cheesy writing this now Lol but anyways things got more serious and we started to meet up after school. Cheeky little trips to the park and drop offs to the bus stop. A lot of people in our year knew we fancied each other and I’m guessing by that time my friend got over him Lol. It was nice it definitely felt like we were in a relationship even though about 15 and there were no dates to expensive restaurants and trips to Paris BUT we did go to the cinema and Nandos once Lol. We met each others families and I stayed at his place quite a lot. I loved his parents and he got on well with my nephews.
Until then I had never felt such fulfilment so much happiness. From someone who thought nothing of relationships and frowned upon girls that would cry over guys. He was the only one that put the biggest smile on my face and made me feel as if I was the only girl that mattered. He was like a teddy bear, gave the best cuddles Lol. Just being in his presence warmed my soul. We had very similar taste in movies so we’d always watch a film when I came around and even ordered Chinese. We’d always chill in this park near our school and sat on the swings talking for hours. I even remember almost everyday after school he would drop me to the bus stop baring in mind this is about 3.30 I wouldn’t get home till about 7/8 pm. We’d be sitting at the bus stop just cuddling, arguing about me catching or not catching the next bus Lol. Long phone calls talking about god knows what, i even enjoyed just listening to him playing Fifa.
These feelings were new to me. I was excited but scared at the same time. I was in love and that was great but I didn’t like the idea of loosing him or getting too attached, People in school called it being Whipped.
Things were good between us for a long time until I met up with my “ex”. A family member of mine thought it was okay to tell my current boyfriend a lie about what had been happening between my ex and I. I don’t know how but it felt at that moment Prince Charming’s feelings turned off like a light switch. His attitude completely changed and things just went downhill. Communication was wishy washy and I hated the fact that things weren’t how they used to be so we ended up drifting apart.
Stay Tuned For Part Three….
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