My First Prison Visit (Part 11)


Here I was, standing outside this building at about 9:00am surrounded by tall walls and humongous doors. I couldn’t believe where I was and what I had got myself into. I kept thinking what would my parents think about me visiting someone in prison. I was only a few meters away from some real dangerous people. I was so nervous I couldn’t believe I was about to do this.

I called my sister and we both prayed that the visit would go well, that he was okay and he’d be out soon. I told her that I was scared about his reaction. He didn’t even know I was coming but he knew he had a visit. I knew I was probably going to cry but I didn’t want to just in case it made him look bad. I really didn’t know how to act. I didn’t even know what to say to him since we left on such bad terms, I didn’t even know if he wanted to see me.
Nerves were throbbing through my veins, standing outside this building waiting to confirm who I was visiting. It was almost like a clinic, we all had to queue outside on a first come first serve basis. I kept looking through the window thinking i’d see him but it was nothing but empty tables and chairs it looked a bit like a church hall Lol. A woman next to me told me that he wouldn’t be in there as its just the waiting area for visitors. We had to go into the prison its self to be able to see them. My heart sunk, all I could think of was the amount of criminals inside that building. These huge doors would open and large white vans with blacked out windows would pass. I heard someone whisper “They’re on their way to court” as the vans went past it sent shivers up my spine.
Finally a woman came to open the doors and told us to grab a form to fill out the prisoners details and take a raffle ticket which contained a number that she’d eventually call out in order for us to go in. I believe I got number 3. So I filled out his details grabbed my ticket and went to the toilet. Everyone looked as if they’d been there before. They were all just so calm it made me feel a little out of place. It seemed as if I was the only new person there. Luckily a young girl was kind enough to show me how things worked.
I wasn’t allowed to bring anything with me apart from my locker key and some money to buy food from the canteen once I got inside. We put our belongings away and headed into another room to be scanned into their system. They took my passport details, a photo of me and my fingerprint. Scary right? it made me feel like I was the prisoner Lol. Once that was done they gave us a wristband and off we went back into the main room to wait for our number to be called.
“Number 3 !” I stood up and I swear I couldn’t feel my legs. Off we all went outside to then enter the main building……one by one we had to scan our fingerprints again…take off our shoes and go through metal detectors. As I put my shoes back on the young girl told me that we didn’t have to go through anymore security and once we leave this building we’d be going into the next building to see him. I took the biggest deep breath and held onto my chest.
We came out the security building which lead us to this small outside area. Facing me was this building that almost looked like a school there was a man standing outside this metal gate waiting for us to enter. We got to the gate and the young girl behind me tapped my shoulder and smiled. I gave her a blank stare and told myself it was too late to turn back. He opened the gate and again I was met with this long corridor. I was tired of all the doors, the security and the waiting.
We got to the end and took a left. There was a door at the end of this small hallway with a window. There it was, the visiting area….I peeked through and saw tables, chairs, a child’s play area and a few prisoners. I could hear people behind me talking about queuing up for the canteen because it can get real busy. The young lady warned me to get some snacks before I saw him but I didn’t care about that I just wanted to see him.
They took a while to let us in because a few prisoners were still being seated. I continued to look around waiting to see him. It didn’t take long to spot him. Even though he’d been there for a week or 2 he didn’t look to bad. I thought he’d look scared or shaken up but he just sat there waiting so patiently. I couldn’t help but think “my poor baby” I just wanted to squeeze him and tell him everything would be okay. I felt a lump in my throat…….The doors finally opened..
Stay Tuned For Part 12………
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