Single women are bitter and lonely ?

So I’ve been hearing and reading tweets, posts and memes about this for the longest time and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all
As much as I’d like to say I understand where some people are coming from when they mention these types of things the way it’s said and portrayed is completely wrong.

Let’s give you an example “On a night out with your girls a guy approaches one of your friends, you know in your gut all he wants to do is take her home for the night and pretend she never existed the next day”
As a friend you can’t allow that to happen so you tell him she’s not interested, she doesn’t want a drink and of course the famous line “she has a man”. In the midst of that he’s brushing you off, telling you where to go and grabbing your friend by the wrist. You have no choice but to get physical and force him off of your friend. Things then get heated and this alcohol influenced guy (same goes for the sober ones) then decides to call you out of your name, calls you the ugly friend tells you you’re lonely and that no one wants you.
Unfortunately for some that may be true. But for someone that has experienced this it can hit a small nerve. Everyone knows being single can be very lonely at times. What a lot of people don’t understand is that most of us are single by choice and we make certain decisions based on the fact of experience.
We don’t want our friends going off with that guy because we know he’s a bum not because we’re jealous and we want some attention too. Let’s be honest a club may not be the best place to meet the man of your dreams. (For those who have I envy you a little lol).
Single women aren’t bitter they’re just tired of the countless amount of jerks that approach them with the same nonsense. No one knows about the abusive relationship that you survived from, no one knows that you’ve finally got over a cheating scumbag.
Who wants to be woken up with a text asking to meet up with someone at a hotel? A Hotel meet up with the privilege of getting a ride there and back home stupid hours of the morning….how many of you have been offered that service?
A date out to a very expensive restaurant in exchange for what’s in between your legs… yes ladies do not be fooled by the Shard or Steak and Lobster because 9 times out of 10 he just wants to be pleasured. It’s sad that men go through such extreme measures to woo a girl just for one thing. And please I know women do this too but we’ll get on that another time.
Another scenario ? Of course ! Let’s not forget about the “when are you coming to see me?” types of guys I know for sure that 90% of you get asked this question which is then answered with “but I barely know you…”. They then offer to take you out and for and the hungry girls in the back of course we say yes and get taken to whichever restaurant. We’re then having a meaningful conversation to then be hit with “so, do you have a man?” not to say anything is wrong with this but if she did I doubt she’d be there. I feel not many guys enjoy the stage of getting to know a lady which is why we’re so quick to snap back and get annoyed at the fact that he isn’t asking the right questions.
Yes some conversations can get boring and yes the getting to know you stage can be a drag but if a lady feels she is being asked pointless questions just to get in between her legs then she has every right to tell you where the hell to stick it. It’s not being bitter it’s protecting her feelings so she’s able to continue her search for the right one. No one likes to waste time and if you’re not what she’s looking for then it’s okay for her to say no. Again she’s not bitter she just knows what she wants and it’s not you.
So for you bitter ladies out there don’t be offended when you politely reject him and he then suddenly grows some balls to tell you “you’re ugly anyway” because he clearly isn’t the one for you. Some guys don’t know how to take rejection well and its not up to you to change that.
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