I Got Too Involved #RideOrDie (Part 12)


I visited him every 2 weeks after the first visit. I made a lot of sacrifices at the time but I didn’t care, as long as I got to see Him. For some reason I was always so excited despite the long waits, finger print scanning and sniffer dogs.

I just loved the fact that we were able to sit in a moment together just talking and joking for hours. No phones ringing, no interruptions. We hardly ever got to speak much on a serious level because he was such a closed person. He managed to get himself a job in the prison and was doing pretty well behavior wise so all I could think of was “early release”

I got myself so involved that I sent him things and wrote to him on a regular basis. I loved receiving phone calls (even though they only lasted 10 minutes) and letters from him which I put l in a special box along with the multicolored wristbands the prison gave you every visit.

I got so comfortable with the whole thing it became apart of my life. I put off plans and wanted to reach home at a certain time so I could read his letters, answer his phone calls on time, information about his case and speaking to solicitors. This is where the glue started to stick. I was informed he needed to provide some personal paper work which I had no idea how I was going to retrieve and on top of that, money to even afford a solicitor. In all honestly money was never the issue he handled all of that. It was a lot trying to find someone cheap and someone who had dealt with a case like his before.

I had to get in contact with his family to get this paperwork and then send it all off to be reviewed. I set up visits for his close friends to see him as well as his Mum who had tried so long to reach him. In my eyes I became that ride or die chick, I did whatever I could if it meant him coming home. It was stressful but I did it anyway, I felt that I owed him a lot after the pain and betrayal I had caused him.

We finally got the great news that he’d be getting an early release as the paperwork I sent cleared. The very last visit we spoke about our future and our plans for when he got out. It all sounded like a dream especially after what we had been through it was like that bright light you see at the end of a very dark tunnel. That power couple that had been through a lot but still made it in the end.

Little did I know I was in for the biggest shock of my life.

Stay tuned for part 13…..