Do You Find It Hard To Make Your Own Decisions?

I’ve been hesitant to write this post but I need to put this to rest once and for all because I cant be the only one that goes through such anxiety when it comes to making decisions big or small.

Do you find yourself getting in a pickle when it comes to making decisions?

Do you have mini anxiety attacks when something is left in your hands to deal with?

Do you get flustered when choosing paint for your bedroom?

Do you give yourself headaches when it comes to replying to a text message from Him/Her?

Do you work up a sweat choosing a juicy steak or a sweet sticky rack of ribs?

You get the drift…Lol

See the thing with me is I’ve had this problem from a very young age. I never liked to get in trouble and would get upset whenever I didn’t do something right. This resulted in me constantly asking questions, seeking validation and simply just going by what many others have told me I should do or what they would do.

Overtime I have struggled to make the some of the simplest and most life changing decisions and I’m not sure how to control my thoughts in a way where I don’t need to ask anyone what they think or if they would do this.

I mean It’s normal for us women to confide in our closest family/friends when it comes to romantic relationships right? But is it normal to ask a friend if you should take a potential job that could change your life? is it normal to ask about starting your own business which could possibly mean travelling the world and working from home? what about asking someone if you should save up to travel the world or for a car that you know you probably wont ever drive?

Are you getting where I’m going with this? I mean maybe it is just me and I am seriously messed up. But I’ve built this way of thinking where if I don’t get the “OK” from someone/anyone then I just cant proceed. Of course this isn’t with every decision I make although I must admit its a large majority.

If any of you have gone through or are going through the same thing I’d love to know what you do or have done to stop seeking such validation and just get on with it.


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