My First Solo Trip To Portugal !

Yes you read that CORRECT! I took my very first solo trip abroad to Portugal and I loved every minute of it. I’ll start off by saying it was much better more experience than Tenerife. The people are so welcoming and friendly. I stayed in Lagos near the Algarve where the weather wasn’t too bad to start with and got a lot better nearing the end of the week. I’ll be honest and say it did get quite cool as well as a bit windy but apart from that the weather out there is lovely. It rained once and the lowest temperature was about 17°c.

I was overly excited booking my trip but as the days got closer I couldn’t help but get more and more nervous. I’ve wanted to go away for the longest but I was unsure about the “Right Time”. For those of you waiting for that “Right Time” believe me you will be waiting FOREVER!. I had so many excuses e.g. Wanting to earn enough throughout the year and then travel next year. I remember talking to my close friends, family and work colleges about just wanting to get away, especially with everything I put myself through within the previous years. After doing some research on where to go I ended up on getting more and more hyped up at the hotels, the facilities and the excursions so boom I just booked it with just about £300 in my savings.
BIG MISTAKE, I rushed into putting down a deposit on a holiday I wasn’t too sure about without doing enough research and going through other options. I continued to look and found the perfect holiday knowing I had already partially paid for another which still didn’t stop me. So I booked that and unfortunately lost my £80.00 deposit for the holiday I first booked.
How Much Did My Holiday Cost?
My Holiday cost around £350.00 Bed and Breakfast, Transfers to and back, Hotel and flights.
How Much Money Did I Spend ?
I was told to bring at least £400.00 with me (Baring in mind I was there for 4 nights) I thought this was way too much for such a short period of time and started to worry because I only planned on bringing £200 with me. I decided to only change up £250.00 and got €280.00.
Was that enough money?
I’ll be honest and say yes, if you are someone that is going somewhere to relax, unwind, wants to have nice meals by the beach, visit a few restaurants here and there then that’s absolutely fine. 100% NOT if on the other hand you’d like to go on crazy excursions like Sky Diving, Parasailing, Kayaking, Jet Skiing etc.. I partially booked to go Parasailing but unfortunately it was cancelled. I also booked to go Kayaking but the weather that day was choppy so I decided not to go. Both excursions cost €40.00 each. So yeah I saved quite a bit there Lol.
Which Hotel Did I Stay In?
Separate post for this question.
What Was The Food Like?
Separate post for this question.
Would I Go Back?
100% YES !
Pros Of Travelling Solo:
  • Your able to go at your own pace, wake up at whatever time you want and do what you need to do during the day without having to consult with whoever you’re travelling with.
  • Trips to the restaurant are a breeze. No having to wait for someone to decide what they want and you don’t have to wait for anyone else to finish eating lol.
  • It’s so peaceful not having to share a bed or your bathroom facilities.
  • You get time for yourself, to reflect, detox, de stress and tune into some good old self care.
  • I was able to take an Uber around which cost no more than £3.00 each trip which were at least 15 mins long.
  • Being able to try different foods is AMAZING !
  • Enjoying and properly taking in your surroundings, not getting angry at those in front of you for walking slow because you’re also enjoying the scenery.
  • Getting out there in the first place. Being able to actually get on that plane is a huge achievement in itself. Can’t lie I felt some slight anxiety just before entering my plane, I started to think about family and whether I really wanted to go through with it but I did and I’m so happy I did.
  • Good weather !
  • Being able to communicate with someone at home. My sister called me every single day while I was out there which made me feel 100x better.
Cons Of Travelling Solo:
  • There’s no one to take pictures of you, I mean unless you’re not shy to ask like I was then you’ll be fine Lol.
  • It can get lonely. Where I stayed was almost like a couples resort so seeing everyone with their partners was a little distracting.
  • You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. There were times where I was offered to take a taxi but I refused because I felt much safer with an Uber Driver.
  • Not many people speaking English, you do feel a bit out of place when you don’t understand what people around you are saying. (Depends on where you go of course)
  • Getting lost of course and not really having a plan for what you’re doing can ruin such an experience. It’s so important to know where your going, and having the right amount of money.



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