How I Cleared My Skin!


Hey all thanks again for tuning in.

Now I’ll start off by saying that I have in no way shape or form cured my Acne and still do get a few stubborn bumps here and there. What I will also say is that I have no idea if I’ll ever experience a breakout like that again BUT I have indeed managed to come up with a routine that has changed my skin dramatically.

Now on the left is what the left side of my cheek looked like just over a month ago and on the right is what it looks like now. As you can see in the left picture my skin is very badly textured, I had many painful puss filled bumps and the pigmentation that me picking and scratching caused doesn’t look so great.

If you read my previous post you’d know that I tried various products and tested many prescription medicine that was sworn to somehow cure or drastically reduce Acne. After many hours of research I decided to try the “Do Nothing Method”. I know some of you may be thinking……errr do you not wash your face. That is not the case.

Many people do this differently but I decided to throw all of my products away and keep it simple by just using the three products above. A cleanser a toner and a moisturizer….Very simple right?


  1. Cleanse with Simple Facial Wash
  2. Moisturize with Simple Light moisturiser


  1. Cleanse with Simple Facial Wash
  2. Tone with Fresh Aloe Vera Plant (This I do every other night 2 to 3 times a week)
  3. Moisturize with Simple Light moisturiser

That is literally all I have been doing to my skin nothing more nothing less. Clearly my skin was over medicated and was forced to get used many of the strong chemicals I was using in the past. I’ve discovered that my skin is very sensitive so I must stay away from harsh perfume infused products.

I’ve even stopped using my Spin For Perfect Skin Brush because I know that can also be quite harsh for your skin and have stuck to just using my hands.

Now that I have my spots under control (Still trying my best to stop picking and touching my face because unfortunately I still do it) I would like to start evening out my skin tone. By using a homemade Honey and Brown Sugar Scrub I’m going to try this once a week for 4 weeks straight and update you all with my results.


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