He Put His Hands On Me (Part 13)


I remember the day he came out, of prison like it was yesterday. A Wednesday morning. I wanted to meet him but couldn’t because he had already arranged for some friends to pick him up. He was released at around 10am and I didn’t hear a word from him until 11pm that night.

Baring in mind that when he came out he was on Snapchat popping bottles of Belaire and I’ll never forget the snap he posted saying “Shout out to my lawyers”….okay so what about me? your girl that helped you send your documents that got you out in the first place, got your friends and family to visit you, tried so hard to find you a solicitor…the list goes on.

So 11pm came and he finally had time to see me, we had a huge argument but of course I couldn’t stay mad at him for too long especially because he had been away for a while. I took it as him letting off some steam with his boys (that were never there for him when he was inside).

The rest of the week was a blur but I remember us finally having some time alone, this was a Friday. We agreed on booking a hotel for the night. I was so excited I packed a bag and headed down to Tesco so I could decorate the room. I bought wine, rose petals, strawberries, candles the lot and the night was amazing.

We didn’t really speak much after that, things pretty much went back to how they were before he went in. Phones constantly ringing, him being too busy to come and see me. I tried so hard to see it as him getting himself together after being away for a while but he was constantly out, in flashy cars with bottles or rose and hanging out with a bunch of boys I had never met before baring in mind I knew a lot of them considering how long we were together for.  He hadn’t even spoken to his family since he got out so how could he possibly be trying to sort things out?

We argued about it and he told me I was too miserable,that I had no life and I’m always acting like his mum. He knew exactly how to hurt me with his words so I snapped. I told him that he needed to collect his things and in the end it resulted in me putting everything outside my front garden.

He told me I wouldn’t be brave enough to put his things out and that if I did something bad would happen to me. I did it anyway because I wasn’t going to stand for him constantly disrespecting me and treating me as if I was no one.

I was on the phone to my sister at this point and I told her what was going on. No more than 10 minutes later he was outside my front door step looking like he was ready to murder someone but I stood my ground and told him I was over the disrespect.

He kept approaching me as if he wanted to lay his hands on me so I remember asking him if he was trying to fight me. we went back and forth for ages until he said something that made me snap. With all the anger I had built up in me I booted one of his bags that were on the floor and no more than 2 seconds later did I found myself laying on the floor with tears streaming down my face.

Stay Tuned For Part 14…….