Hotel Tivoli – My Portugal Experience

So, no Holiday review isn’t complete without a hotel review right?

So I stayed at Hotel Tivoli, now the outside…I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical as my cab drove up this steep pathway. Not saying the outside looks bad because trust me like they say “the most unattractive people have the most beautiful souls” It could have looked a lot better considering what it looked like inside. Baring in mind they were still renovating so who knows what it looks like now.

View from the first floor looking down at the lobby


Outdoor Pool Area
Indoor Pool and Jacuzzi

The indoor pool area was by far my favorite place in the hotel. I was there literally everyday. The Jacuzzi was always at a perfect temperature and the pool water was always clean. The also had a sauna which I would hop into every now and then.

It’s always great to have breakfast waiting there for you in the morning isn’t it? They had a lovely selection of Bread’s, Pastry’s, Platters of ham and cheese. A range or Cereal and fresh fruit and of course your traditional full English minus the sausage, you name it. Breakfast changed everyday which I loved because its nice to have multiple choices and not the same thing day in day out. The only down side to their breakfast would be that it wasn’t quite warm enough. Apart from that, no further complaints.

A Restaurant inside the hotel

Now this surprised me the most. Tell me if I’m over exaggerating but I’ve never experienced anything like it. Tivoli has their very own beach hut! They have a bus that comes to the hotel every hour to take and return guests to Duna Beach. This is where I experienced my very first salad which, no joke was the best salad I had ever tasted and I’m yet to find another one like it, if not better. And I cant forget the most sweetest Mocktail I ever tasted which was the “Cherry Kiss”. All the food you see in this picture I highly recommend.

The beach was lovely, you could walk far out into the sea. I would advise you not to go on a windy day but apart from that the beach was clean and the sand was so bright.

I booked myself in for a wonderful massage at the hotel and it was absolutely delightful. I wish I could remember the masseuse name because she was lovey, very polite, gentle, right on time. She gave great conversation and tips on how to remove my irritating eyelashes. Prices for a massage were very affordable and I would definitely recommend.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for MY ROOM !so I stayed in a Deluxe room which was freshly built, freshly refurbished and freshly painted. As far as cleanliness goes my room was spotless. I even went around like the people on “Four In A Bed” and checked for dust and hairs on the mattress Lol and nothing was at fault. One thing I was disappointed with was the balcony. They could have done a bit more work but I took into consideration that they were still renovating. I still enjoyed the small garden view though Lol.

It got a little chilly in there due to the flooring but the air conditioning had a heating setting which fixed that problem. There were English channels! baring in mind when I stayed in Barcelona a few weeks ago there was nothing but Spanish Tv. I watched Family Guy and American Dad all night long before falling asleep on a very comfy bed.

Cleaning staff were nice and very respectful knocking and making sure they asked if they could get rid of certain things.


Nearing the end of my Experience Tivoli wrote me very sweet letter thanking me for my stay. I would recommend Hotel Tivoli 100%.

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