Question Of The Week: Does Social Media Ruin Relationships?


In my years of bad experiences with relationships I think it’s safe to say that yes social media can play a big part in the dysfunction of modern relationships but only if you let it. I saw a post on Instagram not that long ago and this is what it said..

“If your partner asked you to delete your social media account in order to save your relationship what would you do?”

Now the Alison 5 years ago would have said “He’ll yes” simply because all she wanted was a partner. Someone who she could call her boyfriend, someone who she would take many sacrifices for just so she wasn’t alone. This I find disheartening in so many ways. Not only is this person insecure they are proving that they are vulnerable, a push over should I say. Things like this lead to mental abuse and god knows what else. There are many girls out there like this. I’ve even had someone say to me “well I deleted Snapchat and Instagram so he wouldn’t think I was talking to other guys”

Of course I had to hold my tongue but as people of the 21st century, as advanced as the internet and social media is you would be silly to shut down such a source that can do you so much favor. When you think of Instagram I know you’re all thinking perfectly photo shopped images of males and females living this faultless lifestyle. That isn’t what I’m talking about. I mean the Instagram where you can hashtag almost anything you want to see/ learn about and many small tips and short videos pop up. The Facebook account that keeps you in contact with family you’ve never even met. The grandma that you don’t often see but you keep updated by posting photos and updating your status. The Snapchat that now has a new feed of many useful accounts that you can subscribe to. All these socials come as a benefit to most of us and getting rid of it would be foolish on your part.

Now let’s get down to the dark side of social media. Don’t get me wrong there’s always things we come across on socials like these and we can’t help but dig a little deeper. We think that taking a look is harmful but secretly we all know there’s more to it when one innocent like turns to a “hey” in the Dm, a wave on Facebook, a selfie on Snapchat. Many people will disagree on that one but I’m talking solely from experience. Dating apps just aren’t enough anymore and people have no shame in sharing half naked pictures and dick prints for some attention.

We all like to go to our friends, laughing and giggling about the cute guy/girl that just followed us on Instagram or the guy/girl that has popped up in your snap messages after a deranged night out. We put ourselves out there for everyone to see. Couples that are suffering post pictures or share some sort information that their relationship isn’t working out, again this gives access for others to intervene. The girlfriend that’s mad at her boyfriend will take a picture with another guy just to get her boyfriends attention. The guy posts a picture of himself at a club with a bunch of girls to show his girlfriend he doesn’t care. These are the things that I find are wrong with people not social media.

People use these platform to their advantage and somewhat for the wrong reasons


Tell me, do you think Social Media ruins Relationships ?


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