There’s Nothing Wrong With Wanting Love.


Aren’t you just sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over again?

Stay single you’ll be happy.

Single life is the best life.

Being single is drama free.

Stay single and work on yourself.

Have you noticed this usually comes from people in miserable relationships? Lol

Let me tell you a little something about me. At the age of 15 I started to learn more about relationships and sex. For someone that was a Tom Boy and loved play fighting, all that lovey dovey stuff just wasn’t for me. I started to notice the “pretty girls” the ones that would come into school with huge handbags, skirts touching the back of their bum cheeks, push up bras, makeup, baby hairs laid and slayed.

These were the girls that got all the attention, the girls that all the other girls wanted to hang with, the girls that all the guys wanted. I also wanted this attention but I craved something deeper.

I used to binge watch many Romcom’s

-Think Like A Man

-Poetic Justice

-Love & Basketball

-Just Wright

-Brown Sugar

-A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

You name it and before you say “These are just movies ,none of it is real” which to some extent is true. THAT IS WHAT I WANTED. I wanted that monogamous relationship, that consistent commitment and feeling that great sense of togetherness with that one person. In other words, that fairy tale love life.

In this day and age you don’t hear many people talking about real successful relationships. Instead we see on top headlines; Tristan caught cheating on Chloe Kardashian, Kevin Hart admits to his unfaithfulness, Guy takes girl out on date and uses her bank card to commit fraud. And its all entertainment to many. Even when it comes to music all we hear is bitches, hoes, F#*k N*****s and money.

Why is it that being in a Relationship is seen as just a status?

Why aren’t relationships and marriage taken as serious as it was back in 2000 when hit songs like Jagged Edge Let’s Get Married and Ray J One wish?

Why is everyone so pressed on showing the world all these fancy gifts and restaurant’s they take their partners to only to then have this big break up drama on social media just 2 weeks later?

Why do women put up with so much lies, cheating, heartache and stress?

Why are there so many broken homes?

Why is marriage seen as just a piece of paper and a highway to hell?

Why are there so many children being born out of wedlock?

Let me tell you this. Don’t ever be ashamed of wanting love, wanting someone to hold you, wanting someone to call your soulmate etc…

I’m currently reading this book called Ladies Like Us by Alena Kate Pettitt. Her book is basically a guide to helping women get in touch with their feminine side and know what is it to be a true lady. What really did it for me was when she said that she was tired of living for others and not herself. She just wanted to be stay at home mum, being able to look after her kids, her home and her husband. Sad reality is that in this world such a role is frowned upon and deemed as lazy. What is wrong with wanting to be a loving wife and a mother that is able to see her kids grow up instead of working 9-5 missing all these precious moments with her family.

To be someone that just wants to love is incredible and I cant stand the fact that a lot of people see this as being desperate, someone that just doesn’t like to be alone or someone that just wants someone else to look after them. This is not the case. Love is a beautiful thing and I just wish we could take it as serious as most of our parents generation did.


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