Question Of The Week -How Do You Feel About Friends With Benefits?


Iv’e been going back and forth about this in my head for so long and I wanted to know your thoughts.

Are Friends With Benefits, Beneficial? 

I’ve been in a situation where it was fun while it lasted and another where I literally struggled. Let me tell a bit about what happened.

So there was this guy I was seeing for a few months. We would go out on dates to eat, to the cinema and take shopping trips together. I would stay at his place almost every weekend, I even met his family. Everything was great until I asked the question  “So what are we?” man that had to be the one of the most awkward moments in my life. I mean for the amount of time we spent together and the things we did we may as well have been a couple. He basically told me he wasn’t ready for anything serious but he was willing to see where it went. That was my chance to leave but clearly I caught feelings so it was hard, especially when we were doing things everyday couples would.

Now this second guy was someone I used to work with, I always thought he was cute and we got on really well, things between us were just cool. A little while after I left that job we started talking more and then we arranged to meet up. At this point we were still “cool” but I had been attracted to him for so long one thing lead to another. The only difference with him was that we’d only see each other for sex nothing more nothing less. No dates, no meeting families. Just 12am “You up?” messages. As much as I did like him I knew it would be nothing more. He was clear from the beginning that he didn’t want anything serious which made things better, even though at one point I thought I could change his mind I really just enjoyed each moment.

After a while I started to ask my self if it was really worth it. Yes we have our needs but for someone that wants a relationship is it really a good idea? Should I be giving myself up to someone just for the sake of it or should I be waiting for the right one? I used to get upset with myself because I was just giving my body away even though I knew this person, he wasn’t my boyfriend nor was he someone I was going to marry.

I personally wouldn’t recommend having a friend with benefits if you’re someone looking for love. If you get those days where you need to release all your sexual frustration, find another way because it wont end well.

What are your thoughts on Friends With Benefits?


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