What Past Relationships Have Taught Me (Part 1)

Put Yourself First

No one is in control of what goes on in your life apart from you. This I found very hard because I was so used to putting others before me. I cared too much and wanted to do everything and anything for him but not myself. It wasn’t until I realised that in order for me to be happy I needed to put my feelings first and look after me, do what I did for others for myself. That is honestly the start to healing from a break up.

Know When Enough Is Enough

Many of us know when enough is enough, its about putting our foot down and making that decision to not take anymore crap. This is just like putting yourself first and knowing when its time to be selfish in order for you to be happy. Know that you’re giving away all this love to someone that just doesn’t deserve it. Enough of the games, the second chances and the sorry’s. Ask yourself is his/her love for you enough? Are you happy enough with this person? Haven’y you gone through enough for this person?

Know Your Worth

This is important, especially for some of you that have insecurities. Sometimes we feel as if we cant get any better, that no one is going to love us the same. That’s a bunch of rubbish. The same love you’re willing to give someone else is exactly the same love, if not more you deserve. Understand that what your putting out is what you shall receive. Its about setting standards and accepting no less.

It’s Not Always Meant To Be

I swore the 2 times I fell in love were going to be my last. I tried to hard to hold on, to fix things, to wait for change and give chances but it just wouldn’t work. I knew in my heart that I wasn’t meant to be with this person especially after how things went. For those of you who have been in love know what that feeling is like. Once it’s gone its very hard to get back. There’s more pain in holding onto someone that doesn’t want to be held onto.

People Move On

I used to struggle with knowing my ex had moved on. I felt as if he couldn’t be with anyone but me and that wasn’t true. I used to cry for days confused as to why I was still so hooked on my ex yet he was happily involved with someone else. Learn to come to terms that there will be someone else after you and you’ll find someone other than your ex that’s just how life goes. People move on and love can be found again.


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