Having Acne And How I Stay Confident

No one really understands what you’re going through when it comes to Acne. Many complain about the odd spot on their chin, forehead or the couple they get whenever their menstrual cycle is due. No one knows what it’s like to have spots 24/7 or how strict our skin care routine is, neither do they know how much money we spend on products that just don’t work.

I’ve done plenty of research as far as what causes acne, home remedies, treatments and “cures”, none have worked for me. I’ve always wanted to try the more effective solutions like chemical peels or microdermabrasion, neither is it cheap and peels aren’t good for those with darker complexions. Thought about Accutane and ProActiv but came across too many bad reviews. So I was left with using things in my kitchen. I heard many good things about the Raw Lemon Juice and Honey Mask so I tried this and I came up in a horrible rash. I also experienced the same thing when using Bio Oil for my scars.

I own a Spin For Perfect Skin Brush which I no longer use, I believe everyone with acne has one of these Lol. And I’ve made many changes to my diet, still nothing.

Recently I decided to throw away all my skin care products and stick to the “Do Nothing Routine”. All I use now is Simple Face Wash and Cleansing Lotion. Then I use Fresh Aloe Vera plant to tone at night. It has changed my skin dramatically since. Check out my skin routine here…img_0788.jpg

There are so many acne products pushed in our faces swearing that they help in some way and all they do is over medicate our skin. We use so many products that our skin doesn’t know how to react and we don’t give it enough time to get used to products.

Ever since I’ve started this routine my skin looks more radiant and my breakouts are at minimum. My problem areas are my cheeks. This is due to a collection of bacteria whether it’s my hands, pillow case, clothes etc.. I admit I touch and pick my face a lot and I’m working on it I swear. Either way I leave my house without makeup every day, I couldn’t tell you the last time I wore it.

You’re Not The Only One

I used to come across videos on YouTube  (Don’t click if you are easily grossed out) but these types of videos always made me feel like there are really people out there suffering with acne 10x worse than I am.

Your Partner Loves Everything About You

Having a partner that loves me Acne and all is the best feeling. There’s nothing worse than having an Instagram full of pictures of yourself caked in makeup, overly blurred by filters to then be afraid of what people think when they see the real you. Same goes with friends and family that don’t see it as much of an issue as you do.

You’ve Tried Everything

If you’re someone like me that has tried everything and you know there isn’t much else you can do then you honestly just have to come to terms that Acne is you.

F*#k Everyone Else

No seriously F*#k them. I’m so tired of seeing horrible comments on Facebook and Instagram from people that think they’re a dermatologist. I personally haven’t been a victim of someone saying anything negative about my face but I remember a college saying that she “Couldn’t date someone with Acne”.  This stung for a second or two until I realised that there’s MANY that would. So I honestly don’t care what people say or think anymore.

Keep Your Head Up

I used to walk down the street with my head down, avoided eye contact and just couldn’t stand the thought of people looking at my face whilst speaking to them. I found it so intimidating looking into someones eyes whilst speaking to them and still to this day have the same issue because it’s become such a bad habit but it’s got a lot better.

Be Patient

Now I’m the worst when it comes to having patience because I HATE waiting. But in this case its important, there’s no such thing as a miracle when it comes to acne. Nothing happens overnight and it’s taken a good 4-5 years to get there I am today. If I’m honest my skin is a lot worse now simply because I’m left with many scars but they will fade in due time.

So to conclude this ladies and gentlemen be happy in your skin! There is no overnight cure for acne, I wish there was but the world just isn’t built like that.

I would love to know how you all overcame your acne troubles so feel free to comment x

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