How I Got Over Heartbreak


Heartbreak is no joke, it almost killed me. I don’t care how ridiculous it sounds but it’s real and it’s a feeling I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Many have been able to brush it off and move on within about a week or so, some months and others years.

For those who suffer in the long run like me go through numerous amounts of pillows soaked in tears night after night. Constant memories, flashbacks of the good times missing and that physical touch. Feeling alone and just hoping to have that one person to console you, its hard. Let me tell you what helped me finally get over Heartbreak after Years of back and forth and holding onto false hope.

Keep Yourself Busy

I wont be putting these in order but out of all of the things that helped I would say that this is the most important. There is nothing worse than sitting at home with nothing to do. All this does is give you all the freedom to start over thinking, reminiscing, checking his/her Facebook status, Snapchat posts, Instagram updates you name it. If you’re not working, go and find a job. I know it’s hard so if all fails at least try and get out of the house. Go to the gym, sit in the local park for a bit even if its for a 10 minute walk, meet up with some friend and yes if you want go and party! Anything is better than staying cooped up in your bedroom with so much time on your hands and a big world for you to explore.

Read Books/ Blogs

I mean if you’re someone that doesn’t like reading then fair do’s but I promise it does help. There’s no better feeling than getting lost in a book. Unfortunately I haven’t completed a book for me to recommend many but I found blogs to be most helpful. I would search things like Heartbreak, Getting over your ex, How to get motivated etc… and for a period of time I felt much better.

Stay Off Social Media

As hard as it is try and limit your use of social media. They say when you go looking for something you’ll find it. So in this case try your hardest not to type in his/her name on Facebook or Instagram. And don’t go searching through his new girlfriends profile, neither should you get your friends to do it. Block him/her if you need to just so your unable to see updates.

Stay away from memes and accounts with relationship related posts. You know all those really depressing images with quotes like “Sick of crying, tired of trying, yes i’m smiling but inside i’m dying” that only make you want to repost them so that your ex can see. The sad truth is they couldn’t care less, all that it does is let them know that you still aren’t over them and they have no intention on coming back.

Impress Yourself Not Them

I used to constantly post cute pictures of myself on social media. Fill my face with makeup, put on the sexiest outfit and leave the house walking around like a fool hoping he’d see me. This ladies and gentlemen is not the way. Dress up for yourself post pictures for your own glow up because I promise you 9 times out of 10 he/she doesn’t care, he/she isn’t loosing any sleep. Maybe for a split second they might come across that new post but their egos are so damn big its easy for them to shrug it off and be onto the next. Crave no ones attention but your own, as they say there’s nothing sexier than a woman that has confidence in herself.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Let’s be honest here, nothing lasts forever does it? We are mortals so even we have expiry dates. When all fails and there’s just nothing left of a relationship people move on. It took me a while to come to terms with my ex finding someone else but that’s life. Nothing lasts forever. That amazing feeling you got when you first met him/her doesn’t stay the same day after day, after day. That feeling eventually fades and of course if you’ve found the one then there’s a chance it will come back. People move on and they have every right to. It isn’t fair when you start treating someone as if they’re property on a monopoly board game. If anyone lands on them, they have a huge fine to pay. You don’t have control of no one but yourself, you can’t put a leash on someone and force them to stay it will only make things worse.

Be Patient And Trust The Process

Ladies and gentlemen heartbreak isn’t easy at all and still to this day I find it hard opening up to men but it gets better with time and with a lot of patience. Love isn’t a game there’s a lot of blood sweat and tears gone into the ones that people see as “couple goals”. No one sees the madness that happens behind these beautiful pictures in Bora Bora or the Maldives. No one sees the sacrifices made and how much friends and family lost when that couple finally decided to move in together and go against what their close ones said. I finally know that no relationship is a walk in the park but a long hard and heavy process. One can’t just run away from little slip ups and play the “silent treatment” game you must communicate with each other and pull out all the weeds that will continue to grow on this journey you have with one another. Don’t just speak but show love to each other and get to know each other on a more intimate level other than sex.

No Patience + Emotional Decisions = Poor Results. (Let that stick with some of you)Β 

There are many more thing’s that helped me when it came to heartbreak but I had to stick with the ones I felt helped me the most. I hope you enjoyed this read and would love for you all to comment things that helped you.


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