Question Of The Week: How Do You Know If Hes Interested?


Regular Communication

Ever get those random messages while you’re at work. Those cute good morning texts and those “Hey babe hope you’re having a good day today, Love you”. There’s no better feeling than having someone generally care about you. Communication is by far the most important part in a relationship. Neither of you may have time for a 1hr + long conversation via phone but him taking some time out of his day to check up on you is a sign hes interested. No one is ever too busy to send you a text and if they are that is a blatant lie.

Put’s In The Effort To Make Time For You

A guy that free’s up time to see you or even just to speak to you is a good sign. If he is into you there will always be time for you no matter what. There won’t be any of that “too busy” nonsense. I’f a guy wants to see you he will. Money or not he will sort something out. For instance I remember when I was seeing this guy, neither of us had money but we really wanted to spend time together so we planned to take a trip to Brighton one night. He drove us all the way there and we literally spent time walking along the pier enjoying the sea breeze and talking about got knows what. The fact that he went out of his way to drive us there to literally do nothing reassured me that this was real.

Mentions Your Future Together

Now I don’t know much about you guys but when a man mentions our future together, this doesn’t even have to include marriage or kids is always a plus for me. Someone that makes plans knowing they now have to consider you is definitely a sign that he is more than interested.

Introduces You To Family And Friends

Some may not agree with this because there are guys out there that introduce girls to their friends and family with no intention of taking anything further. But I think it comes down to how he does it. I’ve gone to meet a guy at his place and he told me to stick my head through his living room door to say hi to his mum. Instantly I knew I wasn’t the one for him. If you are personally invited round for dinner by his Mum or Dad that’s a good sign or if there’s a huge family BBQ and he’s introducing you to Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nieces and Nephews then you are who he is pursuing.


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