Question Of The Week: What’s Your Inner Wardrobe Like?


So I attended a church service 2 weeks ago because I’m on a journey through happiness and of course there’s no happier feeling than being blessed with the words of God. Before you exit this blog, this post isn’t about God for those of you who don’t believe so please keep reading.

So the message was, What’s your internal wardrobe like?

No matter how well someone dresses whether it’s Gucci down to the socks, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, you name it. Do they feel as good as they look on the outside. Coincidentally I walked into church that day in a tracksuit with my head buried in the sand. I looked exactly how I felt.

There was no denying the kind of state I was in that day trust me Lol. So anyway, what does my internal wardrobe look like? I’ll be honest with you that very day I felt toxic, loneliness, anger, frustration, negative, resentful and just tired of life.

It had been a while since I felt that low and my goodness I had almost forgotten how dark that place was. After service I spoke to the pastor, me and her get on very well and I usually speak to her about myself and just update her on general things going on in my life.

She looked at me and gave me a hug and all I can remember was breaking down in her arms. Out of nowhere streams of uncontrollable tears rolled down my face. We sat down and I told her everything that had been happening, expressed how lonely I felt, how I was tired of feeling stuck and many other things I wasn’t happy about.

It’s almost scary knowing how many people out there are broken inside yet they’re still able to put a smile on their face and go on about their day. Today’s world is full of people that like to portray an image of “Living Their Best Life” and having all the fancy things, no one really knows the real struggles they went through to get where they are, neither do they want to show it.

I encourage all that are going through things internally to not only seek help, to just detox, let it all out and change some things. Don’t let these negative feelings eat away at you. Even though we can put on a fake smile and hide behind all the fancy things we buy to make it look like were doing well, in the long run it just isn’t worth it.

Ask yourself, what your internal wardrobe looks like and what you’re willing to do to make it better. Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t feel like you can’t do certain things because it’s “Not you” or “People will think your acting different”. Opinions from others come and go. Just because Sabrina has it in her head that back in school you were a loner and couldn’t afford new school shoes didn’t stop the fact that today you have a tight group of friends you can rely on and you can buy a new pair of shoes whenever you want. If you want to stop swearing or start volunteering GOOD ON YOU, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO CHANGE.

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