1 Year Natural Hair Update!


It has been a whole year since my last relaxer and 10 months since I big chopped! and I must say this hasn’t been an easy journey, neither has it been hard to be honest. I spoke about cutting my hair often and I knew some day I wanted to stop relaxing it. I just didn’t know when.


So I officially big chopped 20th January 2018.

I jumped in the shower that day to wash my hair and with only being 2 months post relaxer at the time I could feel my roots were already starting to grow out and it annoyed me. I loved the freshly relaxed feeling and hated how my hair was after the regrowth started to grow in. My hair was no longer smooth and sleek, I would constantly need to straighten out the roots to get it back to how I wanted, but we all know heat isn’t the best option. In a way I liked how my curly new growth felt and was curious to see my curl pattern.

I jumped out the shower and decided that today was going to be the day. Sat in my mum’s mirror and started chopping away. As I mentioned earlier, I was only 2 months post relaxer so there was about 1/2 an inch of new growth so I cut a lot off, considering how long my hair was. Just 2 inches away from bra strap length which was my goal but it was damaged in the front and I kept getting this weird gap in the back of my hair so I just wanted to start over.

These were taken about 2/3 months after I cut my hair. I was so thick and full which didn’t really surprise me because it was the whole reason I relaxed my hair in the first place. Even though I enjoyed the convenience of having short hair I felt it made me look a lot older so I hid it 90% of the time.

I got many compliments from people when I wore it out but deep down I didn’t feel as attractive and decided to wear wigs and protective styles more. Braids were my least favorite because they pull away at your edges if done too tight. So I threw on a wig cap and put a wig on even when my hair wasn’t long enough to braid. 


As far as a regimen, I actually don’t have one apart from washing and deep conditioning every week. I haven’t really been experimenting with products or trying things like clay masks and rice water because I genuinely feel that if you leave your hair alone it will grow. I will do a separate post on the products I use even though they’re pretty much from the same line. I have only just started to wear my hair out in the above style because that’s all I can think of at the moment Lol. But I will be sharing more once I get creative with it.