Your Journey Matters!


Too often we find ourselves holding back on our blessings because were too busy watching others. Watching how they live their lives, watching the type of clothes they wear, the expensive food they eat, how big the bed is they sleep in, Iphone or Andriod, It just gets too much.

Ever sat there and scrolled through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube whatever platform you use and just thought “Damn I wish that was me”Β because I have. Let me tell you something. There’s nothing wrong with wanting nicer things because yes, you deserve everything you desire. It becomes an issue when you aren’t doing anything about it.

I made a habit of watching how other people lived their lives and just wishing it was me all while I was laying in my bed doing nothing. I used to compare myself to so many people like a Youtuber named Montelle for instance and admire how intelligent and well driven she was. How much she had accomplished at her age and the things she did to get where she was. Her work ethic is amazing and it shows in all her content.

I’ll be honest and say at times I was down because it’s not easy seeing someone in the position you want to be in. It’s not easy seeing someone benefiting from doing the things you want and should be doing. I’d have days where I wouldn’t want to watch her videos and skip through her Instagram stories because knowing how far she was getting ahead bothered me.

I’m happy to say that I’ve formed a relationship with Montelle where we support each other and constantly show love to one another’s accomplishments.


She posted this on her Instagram and I was so grateful. I’ve been getting more comments about my blog recently when just a few days ago I didn’t know if id take it as serious as I want to now. I didn’t know if people would understand my journey and why I do what I do. I didn’t think id make an impact and It’s funny because you never really know who’s watching you, who you’re inspiring and what type of influence your craft has on others. Which is why we should never compare out progress to someone else’s.

Run your own race and stay in your lane.

I never thought someone Like Montelle even paid interest to my blog so for her to admire me in such a way really showed me that I’m doing the right thing. I’m doing the right thing for myself and not in the shadow of others.

It’s important that we don’t get distracted by the likes, the views, the comments and just keep going. I’m still far from where I want to be but never thought id be here making an impact on influencers like Montelle.

I want to do another post on this topic so ill end it here by saying

Don’t give up, don’t wait for the motivation to kick in and just keep going. You never know who’s watching who you’re inspiring your race should matter to you. No one else is in your lane but you. No one is in control of the way you run this race but you. Walk if you have to because no one will pass that finish line first but you.


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