Question Of The Week: Why Wait For Motivation?


I couldn’t tell you how much time I waste on watching motivational videos, reading motivational quotes and just waiting for that motivation in general. How many of you find yourselves with a pile of stuff to do but no will do to it.

I get this a lot with blogging. Often I post based on how I feel. I don’t like putting content out there that I know I wasn’t inspired to write. I would spend hours of watching motivational videos to only feel 10 minutes of inspiration. Waste of time right?

Although motivation is a great feeling that makes you want to get stuff done, It never lasts. which is why we need to stop relying on it. Stop waiting to feel that buzz, stop waiting for the next day or to just simply be ready.

“The do-ing aspect of goals is so important. So so so important. It’s important for me to be self-aware enough to know when I’m being  distracted by motivational quotes, blog posts and how-to videos” – LizzieLoves

As much as these videos and quotes help us, its easy for them to become a huge  distraction. As hard as it is, self discipline is so important when it comes to things that involve putting in the work for something that involves the greatness of your future. Nothing we want comes easy. We see all these Youtuber’s with many sponsorship’s, free clothing, free shoes. These Instagram models that seem to Just post pictures and get paid large amounts of money. Sounds easy right? surprisingly it’s not.

You need to have the strength to want to wake up everyday and take pictures of yourself in different outfits. As well as have the money to afford them. Some of you may know, they don’t own half of the clothes they buy. Some purchase it to take a picture and return it. Not everyone has the patience for that. And these Youtuber’s spend hours editing their videos and making time to be able to film the type of content they do. You need to have the will power to do these types of things and it isn’t strictly built off of motivation.

For us bloggers to be successful we need to put stuff out constantly. Write quality content, read over our posts and re-edit them if we need to. We get bloggers block and run out of content to write. This isn’t something a little motivation can fix. It takes hard work and discipline. The best way I deal with these challenges while blogging is to just write, even if it doesn’t make sense id open the notes on my phone and just write. At this very moment I have about 30 drafts that I go into and edit every now and then.

If it helps build up a routine for yourself and try and stick to it. For me this is hard but it all depends on how well you discipline yourself. I usually worry about if people will read what I write and if my content is even of good quality and it causes me to delay the time I post.

You’ll never know the effect of your work unless you do it and the more content you produce the better you’ll get at it.