Being A Lifestyle Blogger With No Life

facetune_07-11-2018-21-44-52I know those closest to me will be shocked by the title but my blog is for the truth and nothing but the truth. I also know that I’m not the only one that’s going through this neither am I afraid to be honest about it. As much as I’d love to post more and show what an exciting life I have by travelling more and doing exciting things, that just isn’t how life is for me.

I’ve never really been one to go out partying, crazy holidays, festivals, concerts and things like that. After school I chose to distance myself from all of my friends because I was in a mental state. Whenever they asked me to come out, I always had an excuse. I preferred to be on my own, I just liked my own company and still do. Yea I go to a party here and there but its never been a constant thing.

I like chilled but spontaneous things like going to a bar for instance and just chatting to random people (I haven’t done this Lol) but you know just chilling at a bar with your friends. I like fun activities like bungee jumping and sky diving. My only issue is, that most of the tings I’d like to do require people to do it with. This isn’t to say that I don’t have friends because I have enough, it’s just hard to plan things around work and kids.

It’s just funny because you have “Vloggers” for instance. Don’t you ever wonder how they have so much going on in their lives that they’re able to film something every single day. I probably have one exciting thing going on during the week and that probably taking my Nephew to get Waffles on the weekend lol.

Apart from the fact that I love shopping, there’s no way I’m going to spend money just so I can write a blog post, that is crazy. I want to know how you lifestyle bloggers come up with so much content even though all I do is work, sleep, eat, repeat.

I know I should get out more. It’s not that I’m an introvert either because I’m not afraid to make new friends neither am I to speak to people in general. I think I’ve just become a little toooo comfortable in my shell because you know being comfortable is the best.

Next year I would love to get out there and start networking, especially now that I’m taking blogging a lot more seriously.

Welcome to the life of Alison Lol

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