Stop Letting These Type Of Men Win


There’s a particular situation i’d like to speak about now that it’s died down a bit. I’ve never really understood why women put up with so much until I witnessed this mess. For me personally it’s really quite upsetting and to see so many people encourage such behavior is beyond me. Let’s talk about Cardi B and Offset.

Now I cant lie the whole thing was cute in the beginning. Cardi B was a stripper she then became a reality TV star, after that she became one of the best selling female rap artists and to everyone’s surprise a wife and now a mother of a beautiful baby girl. How lucky is she? No one saw it coming considering the fact that she was once a stripper. In this day and age its seen as wrong for a stripper to get “wifed up”. I guess Cardi broke that cycle.

Anyways she got married to another rapper named Offset who is apart of a group called Migos. I don’t know much about him neither do I listen to his music but from my understanding he’s well known. So like I mentioned earlier they got together, got engaged and then Offset cheated. Correct me if i’m wrong, it could have been after they got married. Either way he cheated. Of course it went viral but it didn’t take Cardi long to forgive him. According to Instagram and Twitter Offset cheated again but let’s get into the latest gossip.

We find out that Offset cheated on Cardi while she was pregnant so Cardi posts a video online explaining that they have broken up. The girl Offset supposedly cheated on Cardi with then puts up a sob story apologizing and saying that she is not a home wrecker. yeah? Okay. A few days pass and Offset decides to put out a public apology to Cardi saying how sorry he is and how he wishes to spend Christmas with his family. The world goes nuts and starts begging for Cardi to take him back.

Now this is where I get frustrated because what in your right mind would make you want to go back to a guy that has cheated on you not once, not twice but 3 times, one whilst you was pregnant, is beyond me. People thinking that this apology was cute and worthy of forgiveness must have a screw loose i’m sorry to say.

Ladies we have got to do better.

Another male artist then goes to post a paragraph on Instagram speaking about how important it is for them to work things out due to the fact that they’re married. sorry? come again? Since when was it okay to step out of your marriage in the first place to then come back begging because you got caught? He then goes on to say “Marriage is something that is supposed to be solid and last a lifetime, This new way of thinking is why most black children grow up in broken homes.” Pardon me? I’m pretty sure Offset already has 3 children from different women. Let’s talk about how you’re quick to have twitter fingers but cant check your boy about raising his 4th child without their father because he can’t keep it in his pants.

Guys this isn’t even the worst part. So a day or 2 after this Cardi is out performing and Offset surprises her on stage with roses spelt out “Take Me Back Cardi B” a lot of people thought this was cute and of course bombarded Cardi’s Instagram with messages to take him back but you see me and others that smell the foolery weren’t having it. Men like this aren’t to be taken seriously.

A lot of people are saying he embarrassed her in public so it’s only right that he apologies in public which I personally think is rubbish. Marriage isn’t something you play around with and it certainly shouldn’t be a public circus when there is a child involved that will one day grow up and see this mess. I almost forgot the part where he then calls her “Bruh” whilst hes apologizing. I’m sorry but “Bruh”, you have got to be joking. You go through all that trouble and still cant come at Cardi with respect.

In my eyes, what Offset did was manipulative. He barely gave Cardi time to heal and being so public about it made it hard for her to say no. That’s what I think. For all the people that were pleading and begging for them to get back together it would have been a huge let down if she rejected him and I think that’s why Offset went for this stunt.

Watching from the outside I feel Offset is a very confused young man. I don’t think hes even ready to settle down hence why he has so many kids and still has the freedom to make it rain on all these women. And I knew from when this whole shenanigan started that Cardi would take him back which she has.

It just makes me so sad that these women get dragged through all this mud for men that clearly don’t respect them. And we all know that if the tables were turned she would be getting called all types of hoes and told to go back to the pole where she came from. She’d be told that she doesn’t respect herself as a mother and a wife…the whole lot. So why should Offset get this luxury treatment.

Their daughter is going to grow up one day knowing how much of a mockery her dad has made her mother and its sad. I bet if you were to ask any of them if they would allow another male to treat their daughter this way it would be a whole different story.

Cheating is not okay. Cheating is never okay. As someone that has been on both ends it is a very difficult situation to be in but in this case we have got to do better.

Let’s be honest here id like to hear everyone else’s take on this situation, I just really needed to get this off my chest so feel free to comment below.

Hope you enjoyed this read.

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