Smart, Casual n Sexy: Christmas Fashion Haul


Merry Christmas Everyone. Today is the launch of my Smart, Casual n Sexy series where I will be using 1 item of clothing and turning it into a Smart, Casual n Sexy Outfit. Today’s look is all about Christmas and I decided to style this cute red tartan skirt that I bought in new look.

I’ve wanted to blog about fashion for so long but I wasn’t sure how I could stand out. Being a fashion blogger isn’t cheap for starters and it is a very packed and competitive niche. The reason I wanted to start this Smart, Casual n Sexy series is because I like to use my outfits to their full advantage and I certainly don’t have the money to constantly purchase new clothes. I also know there’s women out there like myself that aren’t much into brands, neither can we afford them Lol let’s be real. So All my outfits are affordable and are mainly purchased from local high street stores.

In order some of my favorites are:

  • New Look
  • H&M
  • TopShop
  • Primark
  • Zara
  • River Island

As I’ve mentioned above SCS (Smart, Casual n Sexy) is where I take an item of clothing and style it into those categories.

As it’s my first time doing this I have noticed a few things I missed out like not using more accessories and forgetting to take a picture with jackets on to complete the look. On a good note I’m excited to show you guys the content I have coming so stay tuned !

S M A R T 


When putting this outfit together I thought going to your work Christmas party something smart of course with a hint of personality and color but we definitely want to keep it appropriate. If you know me you know I love a turtle neck, you can never go wrong with one of these, I think they go with almost any and every outfit. I chose a block heeled ankle boot with thigh high socks that I rolled down below the knee to give my legs more length.

I would finish this look off with a long black or grey trench coat which is of course most suitable for this weather.

Outfit Info:

  • Skirt: New Look
  • Boots: Primark
  • Top: Primark
  • Belt: TopShop

C A S U A L 



Now this outfit I chose is the Christmas day outfit. Not too dressed up and comfortable. I would also wear pair this outfit with ankle high boots and to finish it off id throw on a black aviator jacket. If you’re visiting family for instance. Thigh high socks and a knitted to keep you warm, you cant possibly go wrong. 

Outfit Info:

  • Jumper: Cameo Rose
  • Skirt: New Look
  • Belt: TopShop

S E X Y 


Now this one was a bit complicated for me so i’ll be honest and say I am very cautious and slightly insecure about my broad shoulders and Symmastia  aka Uni Boob As time has past I’ve learnt how to embrace and somewhat hide these issues I have. If you are someone with broad shoulders you know to stay far away from spaghetti straps. If you have a Symmastia you should stay away from low cut tops. For those of you that don’t know about this condition I will leave a link with information about it here

However these issues didn’t stop me from coming up with this cute outfit ! Whats more sexier than a laced bodysuit and some faux fur barely there heels?

Outfit Info:

  • Top: New Look
  • Skirt: New Look
  • Belt: Top Shop
  • Jacket: Ebay
  • Heels: Miss Pap

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