Social Media Madness


There’s a lot going on in today’s world of social media. There’s a lot that’s going on that confuses me in so many ways. The things people are doing to make a bit of money, to get a little fame, obtain freebies and get some sort of attention is beyond me. The addiction for attention and fame is real guys so let’s talk about it.

It’s not new news when it comes to men and women taking pictures on Instagram, Snapchat…Twitter you name it in all this designer they don’t own for the extra likes and comments.

I’m not sure if many of you keep up with social media but there is just so much going on that is beyond me. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Since I haven’t been working I’ve had a lot of free time and in that free time I’ve been scrolling through Instagram, reading Tweets, checking Facebook and watching many YouTube videos. I set myself up I know….

What has our world come to? 

There’s people filming themselves feeding the homeless for some likes and views. People faking pregnancies and Parent’s abusing their kids for money on YouTube. I’m sure a few of you readers have children. Have you actually sat there and watched some of these so called Kids Channels on YouTube? Why is my nephew watching a Spider man pooping party and Mario viciously killing Luigi?

I honestly cant believe the things people are doing to make a bit of money. Filming yourself trashing stores that people work so hard in. Pulling these disturbing pranks “pretending I’m dead”. Don’t get me wrong I’m all here for the laughs and jokes but kids swearing and calling their parents out of their name isn’t funny to me. Neither is jumping over counters in McDonalds because you want to be “funny” by making your own fries.

We have got to do better. 

There are women laying on their death beds because they did not want to pay a certain amount of money to get their plastic surgery done. And for what? A few extra likes on Instagram in Fashion Nova outfits? More male attention?. I am not against plastic surgery at all. I’m against the bad reasoning behind it and the careless actions some women take just to get their desired look without looking at the bigger picture and how it’s going to affect them in the future. I will do a separate post plastic surgery so for now ill leave that as is.

I’m all for the good purposes that most of these platforms bring for example marketing and being able to get in touch with family that are of long distance. I just think people are using them for the wrong reasons.

Have you noticed that nothing is private anymore. People are sharing things about themselves that really and truly no one needs to know. Why people feel the need to share stories about how they lost their virginity and how many people they have slept with is beyond me. These so called YouTubers make up most of these stories just to get some attention…where is the shame in that?

This post is turning into a rant and I don’t want to end on a bad note but I hope you are all seeing what I am seeing. Don’t be afraid to share your opinion or argue against what I have said. I use my blog as a platform to release stress and write about things that are on my mind. Nothing different to what anyone else is currently doing.

On a good note I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and thank you for reading !

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