Question Of The Week: Must Your Partner Have Plans, Life Goals And Ambition To Date Them?

I had a very emotional conversation with a friend of mine last week and i’m so glad he confided in me because now I can speak about something I’ve been scared to voice my opinion on. So this is what he asked…..

Is a guys ambition and future plans what keeps you attracted to him? Do you need to know he has a plan in order to consider staying with him or what that plan is?

Now if you can I would really appreciate it if you could comment your answer below because like I said its a question I’ve also wanted answers to.


So here’s my take on it.

In all honesty yes I definitely feel that ambition, goals and things like future plans attract women to men and vice versa. It would also be great to know what his plans are, not because I want to know if he’ll be making enough money or if it will benefit me. I would want to know because number 1 you he is someone I’m trying to pursue and if all goes well I’m going to be apart of his future.

But i’d be a hypocrite if I, myself said that’s what I expect from a man. Simply because I don’t have any major goals or plans for my future. For me it’s the ambition, the work ethic and the drive that counts. Not everyone has a passion for something or has much of an idea on what they’d like to become in the future or how they’d like to get there and that’s okay. I was stuck for so long on what I wanted to do in my life so I worked many different jobs. I had no plans for my future because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but my “goal” was to find my passion and my “ambition” was to continue my journey until I found it.

I feel like were now in a society where a lot of people are trying to become entrepreneurs and make millions and if that’s not what you’re trying to do yourself then your goals aren’t good enough. It puts a strain on those that are content in their everyday jobs that provides for their families.

Some people are comfortable working in a job that pays well. Not everyone wants to become the next Sir Alan Sugar, Gary Vaynerchuk or President for that matter.

To conclude my answer to this question if I meet someone that is working the ordinary corporate job, slowly climbing up the ladder, earning enough money then that is okay for me. I have never been the money hungry or materialistic type. Not everyone’s goal is to become this huge successful person and again that’s okay. It’s like we’ve forgotten about those that just want to be a great husband, the ones that want to provide for their family and be an amazing father? Those sound like great goals and plans to me……

What are your thoughts?


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