2019 Mind Your Business


So I’m labeling 2019 the year of minding your business. For me 2018 started off as a great year and gradually got worse as the year ended. I blame myself because I could have avoided a lot of disappointment had I just minded my business.

It’s almost like when you get in a relationship and a few months/years later you wish you had just kept it at hello. Do you ever speak on something or get asked advice from someone and think why did I even open my mouth? yea it was that kind of situation. As a result nothing tragic happened at the end but I couldn’t help but think how much of my time was being robbed by involving myself in situations that should have been left alone.

Have you ever found yourself following an argument on twitter between some famous people and then trying to investigate how everything kicked off. Those involved in the argument then start making videos about each other on YouTube so your sat there for an hour watching 2 people go off on one another. Until they both get over it and move on with their lives while you’re still pumped up ready for more? C’mon I know I’m not the only one.

Not only does this waste so much time were deprived of the things we should be doing. As much as people may think all this beef and gossip is entertainment, what does it really do for you? I ask myself this all the time because these things can somewhat suck you in and once you start its hard to stop.

A very big goal of mine this year is to just mind my business. Things that do not concern me, I want no parts of. This also means cutting down on using social media unless I really need to. There’s so much going online and I’ts hard not to want to read into things and keep up to date with the Kardashians, Real Housewives etc…

I encourage you all to work on your goals for the year. Our time is not promised which is why we need to take these things seriously. Sometimes it may take a little push, or even something tragic to happen in your life before you start to take yourself seriously. This may work for some but there’s no time like now, not later, NOW!

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