You Know You Can Be Great So Put In The Work.


Procrastination, Self Sabotage, Self Doubt, Lack of Inspiration, Lack of motivation. Those are all things you’re familiar with right? for us that want to be successful there’s nothing worse than having these toxic traits. Why do we do it to ourselves?

Let me tell you why.

  • We are lazy
  • We care too much about what others think
  • Were scared to show our failures
  • Were waiting for the “right time”
  • We try to do too many things at once
  • We compare ourselves to others
  • We seek validation from others
  • We think we don’t have enough time

I can go on for days about the things that stop us from what we truly should be doing but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to tell you that these simply aren’t things that are stopping us, they’re excuses. Were stopping ourselves. Making up excuses as to why we can’t or haven’t got things done only sets us back.

I have been through hell and high water with this blog. Wanting to make sure things were perfect before putting any content out, wanting my layout and theme to be of a high standard, going through so many different niches and here I am at 1am in the morning doing something I’m passionate about. Now I’m not going to say its easy waking up and wanting to blog. If you’re anything like me, creating a schedule is useless because I would have derailed by week 2.

It’s hard when you know how much you want to do something and how much potential you have but it just doesn’t show in the amount of effort you put forth or how far you are in the process. It’s frustrating seeing the people that have started later than you in a better position than you are. Most of the time that isn’t anyone’s fault but your own. We need to take accountability for the lack of work ethic some of us have because its okay finishing that 9-5 job on a Friday to then go out partying all weekend until you look back and think maybe I should have been working on my goals. Of course its easier said than done.

I am as guilty as it comes as far as brushing things off until its crunch time and i’m the only one left behind. I’ve mentioned in a previous post that your race is yours and yours only but lets be honest not many people enjoy coming last. There’s no other way to say this but, just put in the work. A few weeks ago I decided to blog almost every day of the month and let me tell you that month my stats were shooting through the roof (In my opinion) I had never achieved so much interaction and views on my blog, I just couldn’t believe it. Shortly after that my stats died down because I wasn’t posting as much. Believe me, when you notice what a difference it makes when you’re finally doing something you’re supposed to you wont want to stop.

No matter how long it has taken me to get back on track, my blog is where I always come back to because I know this is what I’m meant to be doing. It takes patience and a lot of discipline of course but once you’re there. You’re there.

I just want to encourage all you readers to stop hiding behind these excuses and do what you know you’re good at. Being afraid to fail has always been a big problem of mine. I was scared to put out posts and get 0 views or interactions and it has happened multiple times. It hasn’t stopped me though. It only makes me want to post more and improve my content, whether is works or not I wont be able to tell until I publish it but it’s always an exciting feeling.


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