Long Distance Relationship Tips


Communication is important

Without communication there is no relationship period point blank. It’s already hard not being able to physically be with this person so of course you’ll want to spend most of your time speaking to them. Since social media is so advanced now were able to use things like FaceTime, Skype, Snapchat…..Video call where you can see your partner in the flesh, check out their surroundings and what they may get up to in their daily lives. Exciting right? Speaking to one another everyday isn’t necessary (in my opinion) but long meaningful conversations are always the best. I don’t know why but I feel when you speak to someone a long distance away from you conversations seem to be a little more exciting. I say this because this person is in a different location so who knows what life is like for them. It’s like this exciting mystery that you want to know so much about. Am I making sense here? Lol.

Plan to where things are going

If you’re serious about this person try not to waste too much time pondering. Unless you’re quite young as I was when things started, you may not have the resources to start planning a life with this person. But if you’re of age, you’re in a good position in life and there isn’t much stopping you from starting a life with this person, the sooner you plan your future with them the better. We all know guys like to sell us dreams and give us these empty promises which is why its important to let each other know exactly what you want from the relationship in the beginning. There’s nothing worse than having these conversations about marriage and kids one day when neither of you are planning how you’ll actually get there in the future.

There’s so much to think about when going through something like this. How is your financial state?, do you have kids? are you willing to let this stranger around them? Do you have much family around that you need to take care of? If you’re the one moving out there, have you got a job? Have you applied for a visa? Have you got your own place or are you moving in with your partner? Do you even trust this person?

It’s a lot I know but relationships don’t work overnight and this will be your future.

Patience is key

Like any other relationship, patience is key. When it comes to Long distance i’d say you need patience x110. I’ve never been the one to wait around for people, for anything to be honest. But when it came to my long distant relationship I was almost desperate for things to work and I was willing to put my pride aside and just wait. Like I had mentioned in my previous post my ex would go days without speaking to me and I hated it not realising he has a very busy lifestyle. London is 5 hours ahead of where he lives so it was always a struggle trying to find ways for us to speak. When I was asleep he would be awake and vice versa. I used to have to set alarms just so I could wake up and speak to him.

Depending on how far you live from one another it’s a good to just be patient with the process.

You don’t have to talk everyday

This is something I had to really work on because if you know me you know patience is something I struggle the most with. If you’re someone that’s expectingย  text or call every single day then prepare to be disappointed because that’s rare. I mean if you’re lucky to get that then great times for you. We just need to be realistic about this because life happens you know? schedules change and yea people do get real busy

work on yourself

I cant express enough how important it is to work on yourself whilst in a long distant relationship. Many times I’d be upset, sad, angry and depressed because I’d be sitting around waiting for that phone call or that text and not receive it. I put so much effort and time in trying to make the relationship work that I started to neglect myself and what I was supposed to be doing for myself. My happiness was based on how my relationship was going and that’s never a good idea. Happiness from within is what’s important anything after that is an extension.

Trust !

Everyone knows a relationship wont last without trust. Do you trust your partner? Do you even trust yourself? If you’re anything like me paranoia can take a toll on me especially when things aren’t going how I planned them to. We start thinking negative, jumping to conclusions etc…and yes we get the odd “Is he/she cheating on me” feeling. This person is many miles away so who knows what they’re getting up to.

The same goes for ourselves. If things aren’t going right in the relationship are you then going to step out? thinking there’s no point because you may not ever see your partner. Believe me when I say it takes a lot to maintain a long distant relationship because there’s many limits. If you trust yourself and your partner then your taking steps in the right direction.


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