Let Me Tell You Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job


Leaving a job with no plan can be a nightmare. As someone that’s done it a few times I can tell you by experience but it’s not really the best thing to do. Here’s why…

So back in late October 2018 I decided to leave my job as a visual merchandiser in TopShop. I won’t go into much detail as to why I left but like most people, retail can be a …….. job. Constantly working weekends and bank holidays, being treated like rubbish by staff as well as customers.

I have to say though TopShop has been one of the best jobs I’ve had since I started work. I’m a people’s person, love giving great customer service and I’m a practical worker so being on my feet isn’t a problem. The issue was a little deeper than the obvious but as I said we’ll skip that part.

When I quit jobs in the past I never had a plan, didn’t save up any amount of money, didn’t really know where I wanted to go next neither did I care. I’m a big believer in putting your health and mental state before any job so whenever I was done with a job I wouldn’t hesitate to quit. I always got the feeling of relief and even if I had little to no money I was happy. Happy to have my free time back, Happy to be able to spend time with friends and family, Happy to not have to wake up at a certain time every morning. Happy to not feel like a prisoner……you get the drift.

For some reason this time things were way different I had so much time on my hands I didn’t know what to do with it. It got to a point where I’d take 3 to 4 naps a day just to speed up time. I was so bored. I wanted to work, I craved progression, I wanted to do something with myself. The longer it took me to get back into work the more my finances decreased.

So here I am, broke, unhappy, stuck in my house, stressed and down right depressed. This was all new to me. This wasn’t like before. My family and friends were working and living their lives. Here I was doing nothing. Some may say I’m still young and I shouldn’t worry about it but don’t let anyone make these types of decisions for you.

Before I decided to leave my job I would search online and watch YouTube videos about “why you should quit your job” and I must say they made me want to make some drastic decisions, not saying you’re all as naive as I am. Some of these people are lucky, some of these people have money saved up and don’t tell you. Some may say they had no money and start-up their own business yet they don’t tell you the type of connects they had to get them there.

Honestly my best advice to give you if you are thinking about leaving your job is to 1. have a plan first and 2. Have some money saved up. 3. Put your health first

Let me break it down.

1. Having a plan first:

-Decide whether it’s really necessary for you to leave. If it is figure out what your next move is (job wise)

-If you’re taking a break decide how long for and if you’ll have enough money to last you up until then

-If it’s that bad and you don’t have a plan I would suggest going part-time

-Hand in a notice, don’t just up and leave. Try and end things on good terms you never know you may need that reference.

2. Having money saved up:

I mean it’s pretty much obvious why you should have money saved up because you never know when you’ll be working again. You’ll need to eat, pay any bills you have

3. Put your health first. If your job is badly affecting you physically and or mentally then leave. Your health is the most important and you should never ignore signs of serious stress or any type of physical injury that may have been caused by your job.