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Hi my lovely readers, so I just wanted to share some amazing content with you created by a friend of mine Covenant. She has come up with a talk show named D-Gist to provide coverage of issues affecting young adults through the invitation of key experts, discussion and networking, debates, vox pops, online voting, Q&A sessions and informative classes.

As my blog is predominantly focused on Relationships I wanted to share these posts specifically.  Covenant. took to the streets of London to question young adults of their opinions on Dating in 2019.

So, If someone asks you out out for a Coffee, Is it a date?

Personally it depends who is asking and in what context it’s being asked. I ask a lot of my female friends out for a coffee which certainly doesn’t mean it’s a date Lol. I have been asked out for coffee by a male and it was just a simple business meeting.

However if this is someone you have interest in , vice versa. Then to me that is a date. I’m not sure if people still ask others out for coffee in this day and age I’ve only seen it in movies Lol. I usually get asked “so when am I taking you out to eat?” or “would you like to meet me for a drink”. Those to me shout date!.

Let’s have a look at what some of our locals thought.

So I’m single and some may find my response weird but I’d prefer to find meet people whilst I’m on holiday. This does not mean I prefer foreign men because I actually don’t have a type, I just feel my mood is completely different to when I’m in the uk. When I’m abroad I feel open to so much more. There’s no pressure and I have no problem with speaking to strangers. Everyone is on holiday to have a great time so socially I feel so free. Since I enjoy travelling on my own I have no choice but to speak to people sometimes and it’s amazing getting to know someone from a completely different part of the world.

Where would you go to find the love of your life?

Take a look at what the locals thought.

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