I’ts Turtle Neck Season ! !


With Halloween slowly approaching I’ve been enjoying the warm days but not so warm nights. Autumn has to be my fave time of the year ! I’ts wear we cover up but not so much because there’s still sunny spell predictions Lol.

If I could wear Turtle Necks all year round I would. I just love how they give off that smart but casual look. As someone who has broad shoulders I find that these tops best suit me. Not only does it hide my not so feminine feature it brings out my sense of personal style.

The best place to go when it comes to buying turtle necks would be H&M or New Look. I find that the quality is much better in terms of thickness and how long they last. I have a few from Primark which have torn under the armpit and appear very thin and see through.


  • Coat – New Look
  • Top – New Look
  • Jeans – TopShop
  • Shoes – Office Shoes



  • Jacket – Primark
  • Top – New Look
  • Skirt – New Look
  • Boots – Asos
  • Bag – New Look


  • Jacket – TopShop
  • Top – Primark
  • Jeans – TopShop
  • Boots – TopShop



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