I Met My Future Husband (Part 6)


From what I remember it was my best friends birthday, she had a house party, plenty of vibes and plenty of drinks (of course Lol).
Bare in mind I’ve met Leo (not his real name) before and had a crush on him since. Always had a small crush on him. He ended up coming to the party and I instantly went shy, I started acting well behaved, you know the like the responsible friend that has to stay sober in case her friends got a little crazy.

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I hated being single (Part 5)


I was somehow addicted to the feeling of being in a relationship/just having a physical being with me. The cuddles, the kisses, the physical touch, love and affection in general. I just craved it all. After Prince Charming I felt as if I couldn’t be alone and if it wasn’t him then I didn’t want anyone else. I hoped, wished and prayed that he’d come back 5 times out of 10 it would work but not the way I had planned Lol.

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He Cheated On Me With My Best friend. (Part 3)

Drawing Hands releasing butterfly. Let go, brush the hand of man, Fly, Freedom.Days and Weeks go by and things are still awkward. I started to experience things I never thought would affect me in such a way. I would notice him playing around with other girls more, would stress when he wouldn’t reply to my text’s fast enough, got upset when he said he’s too busy to see me. All the attention, the affection had gone.

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My First Love (Part 2)

So in year 11 i met my Prince Charming.
This was the time when Blackberries were a thing and still to this day I remember that PING! “Hey”(from him). He was someone I saw around school, never really payed much attention to him but apparently he liked me so I went along with it at the time. He hung around with the smart kids and was very intelligent himself as he was in all the top classes. Honestly at first I wasn’t really that interested, I had a friend that was into him at the time so I felt bad. We messaged BBM’d each other for a while it was awkward seeing him in school especially when i started to like him.

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I lost Myself…The Beginning (Part 1)

loveyourself-self-esteem-quotesHey all, This one may be a long read so I suggest grabbing some tea and biscuits, and if you’re at home to wrap up and get cosy. I’m going to split this “story” into parts god knows how many there will be but I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I find nothing more satisfying than writing when I’m in my feelings. I want to share with you all how life has been for me. Not necessarily from the beginning but from where I feel things went wrong.

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