Having Acne And How I Stay Confident

No one really understands what you’re going through when it comes to Acne. Many complain about the odd spot on their chin, forehead or the couple they get whenever their menstrual cycle is due. No one knows what it’s like to have spots 24/7 or how strict our skin care routine is, neither do they know how much money we spend on products that just don’t work. Continue reading “Having Acne And How I Stay Confident”

Question Of The Week: What Do You Consider To Be True Beauty?

I find true beauty to be a woman that has confidence and is comfortable in her flaws. Someone that doesn’t have to use Makeup, wigs/weave or surgery to cover up what they consider to be something about themselves they don’t like. This is not to say wearing makeup is wrong because I truly believe it enhances your features nor do I feel that wearing weave or having wigs is wrong because a hairstyle can definitely make a difference to how you look. The same goes with surgery. Continue reading “Question Of The Week: What Do You Consider To Be True Beauty?”

How I Cleared My Skin!


Hey all thanks again for tuning in.

Now I’ll start off by saying that I have in no way shape or form cured my Acne and still do get a few stubborn bumps here and there. What I will also say is that I have no idea if I’ll ever experience a breakout like that again BUT I have indeed managed to come up with a routine that has changed my skin dramatically. Continue reading “How I Cleared My Skin!”